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Leather Prong Punch Set

  • Made of white steel, is durable and useful leather craft tool
  • Each product surfaces are coated with a rust preventive oil before shipping, Please wipe clean before use
  • Knurled Body for a Stronger, Steadier Grip
  • Polished and smooth handle is comfortable to hold,sharp rhombus tooth is helpful to punch quickly and effortlessly
  • Prong width:Approx 2mm, Prong pitch:Approx 4mm
  • Features:
    1. Made of high quality steel, is durable and useful leather craft tool
    2. Four sizes 1/2/4/6 prong for choosing, easy and convenient to use
    3. With anti-slip handles, they are more exquisite, sharp, and hardness enhance
    4. Widely use in punch holes in a precise diamond shape that is optimal for stitching leather
    5. It is better to use the tool with soft pad to protect sharp chise teeth as it is expendable Specification:
    Material: high quality steel
    Prong width: Approx 2mm
    Prong pitch: Approx 4mm
    Length: Approx 10.5cm
    Weight per set:Each set Weight: 0.36 pounds
    Color: Black
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